CURBSIDE UPDATE Adding Retailers to your Center Curbside Page 1. Under Category add “Curbside Pickup”. It’s not part of the drop down and will need to be typed in. This MUST be added for retailer to be added 2. Under Retailer Description, add "CURBSIDE" and any information submitted by the retailer. Do not leave this blank, minimally add “Contact Retailer” 3. Under Parking Zone add Curbside Pick up location or Contact Retailer. Update Version: 2.3.2 Blog Featured Images media gallery added. Post Date field added in Blog Post add/edit page. Author field added in Blog Post add/edit page. Blog Post module integrated along with API for Wordpress Plugin. Download media option added in Media Gallery. Stay Safe! EyeOn will continue to provide services to your Center websites while we work through the Covid-19 pandemic.
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